Professional Career

  • IntelliShop AG

    VP Corporate Communications
    Member of the Executive Board

  • Netviewer AG (Citrix)

    Head of Corporate Communications

  • ComBOTS AG

    Head of Corporate Communications


    Director Corporate Communications

  • trigonon GmbH

    SVP Corporate Communications
    Member of the Executive Board

  • fotoYou AG

    SVP Corporate Communications
    Member of the Executive Board


    VP Corporate Communications
    Authorized representative

  • 3Com GmbH (U.S. Robotics / PALM)

    PR Manager

  • “Oliver Schwartz has been with the 21sportsgroup since 2011 as a communications consultant and external press officer. He is very successfully responsible for corporate communication within the group - both internally and externally. Especially with our dynamic growth, combined with company takeovers, changes in the shareholder structure and regular readjustment of the strategic focus, Oliver Schwartz can regularly bring in his many years of PR and management experience from the international group environment and his excellent media network and is always a reliable partner to the management Sparring partner and consultant on communication issues!“

    Dr. Henner Schwarz, Managing Director, 21sportsgroup

  • “Oliver Schwartz, who is strong in terms of concept and skill, develops formats that appeal to the target groups. Cooperation based on partnership and high quality standards with resilient reliability characterize his work even with ambitious schedules. Oliver grasps what clients want and creates media opportunities for them that will advance their business objectives."

    Dr. Michael Gebert
    Chairman European Blockchain Association

Consulting / Interim Management


    Head of Corporate Communications
    External Executive Consultant

  • 21sportsgroup GmbH

    Head of Corporate Communications
    External Executive Consultant

  • Huber Verlag für neue Medien GmbH

    Head of Communications & Liaisons
    Interim Management

  • Gemtek Systems B.V.

    Head of Corporate Communications
    External Executive Consultant

  • WeRoam / Comfone AG

    Head of Corporate Communications
    External Executive Consultant

Academic Career

  • FH Wien / University of applied Sciences Vienna

    MBA International Management and Communications
    Executive MBA study course,
    Graduate degree with distinction

  • University of Bonn

    Law studies

  • "In more than 20 years of successful cooperation in a wide variety of projects, I have always seen Oliver Schwartz as a sovereign and strategic communicator and PR manager who is not only very well networked in terms of media, but also thinks entrepreneurially and the companies he advises or for which he speaks, very competent and convincing in public. Both listed companies and medium-sized companies. The trust he enjoys on the part of the respective CEOs and executives is also not to be taken for granted and should be emphasized. I can confidently recommend Oliver Schwartz as an expert in executive and corporate communications."

    Konstantin Pflüger, Managing Director Labor 1 GmbH

  • "As a loyal companion, consultant and interim manager, Oliver Schwartz has been providing valuable services for all internal and external communication measures - especially for corporate PR, M&A measures and industrial liaisons. With the increasingly important visual communication, Oliver Schwartz not only scores with years of experience and expert knowledge, but with his agency Turtle-Media - Visual Communications Experts, he always has access to very high-quality, mobile and stationary, camera and studio equipment."

    Jörg Mayer, Entrepreneur
    Founder & CEO CityLoop Travel GmbH

Voluntary Activities

  • Bundesverband deutscher Pressesprecher

    Head of ITC unit
    Member of the Expanded Board
    (to date)

  • Bitkom

    Deputy Chair Press and PR Committee
    (until 2003 and again 2014/2015)

Oliver Schwartz about Corporate Communications (German)

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